Aminating Film Roll

laminating film roll is made of transparent PVC by backing. A large number of used in advertising production are light film, matte film, Use a manual or cold heading machine to cover the photo print screen to prevent the screen (printing surface) from being scratched, contaminated or wetted, thus protecting the screen.
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Product Details

1.Product Description

Product Name

laminating film roll


Yellow bottom paper

Paper type

Transparent PVC adhesive


50mic glossy,50mic satin,60mic glossy,60mic satin,

Width Size







Used in larger advertising, architectural renderings, background decoration, etc.

2. ProductDetails

laminating film roll can increase the texture of the picture, and protect the picture, scratch and water resistant.Widely used in wedding dress, oil painting, calligraphy and painting, outdoor posters, advertisements, various pictures, documents, materials






3. Advantages

1) Environmental protection: no need to electroplating, painting, saving energy, lifting pollution and waste gas and other pollution problems

2) Excellent performance: moisture, corrosion resistance, durability, easy to clean, easy to install, light weight, non-flammable

3) The laminating film roll itself is a waterproof plastic film that can be made waterproof by the surface of the label material that is not waterproof.

4.Our Service

1) we can help you solve problem at anytime when you needed.

2) We have our own factory, which is the biggest advantage. The product quality and price is very cheap
3) we has a wide range of products,and full stock.because we are in printing area 10years.

4)we have professional seller team, so it is will provide you a good service

5)we have full stock, after you make order,we can send you soon

6)We treat all our customers as our friends.Can help customers find something other than our products

5.Shipping Details

Delivery Time: within 30days for quantity order by container. But sample 3-5days

Declared value: any values

Mode of transport:Land transportation/air transportation

Port: Guangzhou, china

Packing: Kraft paper or hard paper tube, logo on the package also can be customized



Q:How to use this cold laminating film?

A:First open a corner of the cold film and open one side,then Lay the uncovered side along the line of the cutting board,Use the cold slab to slowly smash from top to bottom and drive out the air inside.and then can cut off the excess material on the side.

Q:Why is a good picture with a "smog" feeling?

A:Insufficient membrane pressure and Cold laminating machine is uneven at both ends

Q:Why do you have a "bubble" immediately after painting?

A:The glue is not "cooked" --- change the cold film

Q:what is the payment way?

A:we can receive payment by western union, HSBC bank, paypal and bank of china.

Q:Can you provide sample?

A:we can give you some samples before you make order, but it is need you pay the shipping charge

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