Inkjet Printer Wiper

Our inkjet printer wiper is suitable for many kinds of machines, there are different lengths and shapes of wiper blades, and there are domestic and original printer wiper, the wiper blade used by different machines is different, when you buy, please check your real product, so as not to buy wrong .
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Product Details

2Product Details


inkjet printer wiper


Black blue white



Equippment with

Cap station assembly

Matching machine

Mutoh roland mimaki ep and Chinese peinter




Clean the ink



Wiper name

Mutoh wiper/A-starjet wiper/5113 wiper/ felt wiper

Used Ink

Water-based and solvent ink

For printhead

Dx4 dx5 5113 xp600 ect



1) Our inkjet printer wiper can be used in many models, such as mutoh 1604W 1604E 1300C 900C, domestic piezoelectric photo machine: gongzheng cosmic wind photo machine, phaeton photo machine, wi-color, zhongye, cybertech, ruizhi photo machine, yinghe photo machine, litu, licai, skycolor, lecai, torim, etc.

2) The printer wiper is generally used with the ink stack assembly, when you buy the ink stack assembly, the scraper will be installed in the above, if you want to replace the new wiper, the operation is also very simple, directly replace the new scraper, fixed on it.

3) Our printer wiper adopts imported soft glue, which will not damage the nozzle when scraping the waste ink. The scraper has strong corrosion resistance and smooth ink scraping.

4) We have many kinds of scraping blade, the length is not the same, different nature of ink and nozzle use of printer wiper blade is not the same, we also have some original inkjet wiper blade, quality is better, of course, the quality of domestic scraping wiper is ok, using time is same than original ones, and the price is relatively cheap.

5) It's made up of P. The P material can be habitual proof, and the windshield inkjet printer wipers can be replaced, reducing the printing cost.

4Product Show



5Our Service

1) If you only need one or two inkjet printerwiper blades to replace the old ones you used, we can send them to you for free along with other goods, but you need to make sure the appearance, length and width of the scraping blades.

2) If you currently only need inkjet wiper slices and do not need any other accessories, we will sell them in a package and give you free postage, and there will be a minimum order quantity

3) If you need a large amount of printer wiper blades and other accessories, we will send you some small accessories appropriately. Of course, the price is easy to negotiate, and we will recommend some affordable accessories to you.

6、Authorization guarantee





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