Bearings and Pulley

There are many kinds of bearings and pulleys. Our bearings and pulleys has High quality and low price.

Product Details

Bearings and Pulleys as an essential part of the machine, can reduce friction, reduce noise, improve the life of the printer.we have many kinds of the bearings and pulleys.

1.Product Details

Product Name: bearings and pulleys

Color: silver

Weight: 15g/pcs

Product name


Pulley bearing

699ZZCM NS7S 102

609ZZCM NS7S 102

626ZZCM NS7S 102

629ZZCM NS7S 102


6202 RS





2.Product Show

 bearings and pulleys

 printer pulley bearing  (1)

printer pulley bearing  (2)


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4.Shipping Details

Supply Ability:999 piece each week


Packaging Details: carton

5.Our Service  

1) Never say back, we are the best team, We are the most professional team.

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Q: What kind of transportation do you have

A: By land and air.

Q: If I don't know how to use it, can you teach me?

A: sure, We can do distance learning for you.

Q: What are the express companies that have been cooperating with you for a long time ?    

A: DHL/FEDEX/TNT/EMS and China Post Mail.

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