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This is Flora imported vacuum pump for air, Specially used on the machine of Flora,it is from Switserland,so the quality is very very very excellent, Under normal circumstances, the Flora ink pump has long service life, High utilization rate, If you are the original Folra machine, it is...
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This is Flora imported vacuum pump for air, Specially used on the machine of Flora,it is from Switserland,so the quality is very very very excellent, Under normal circumstances, the Flora ink pump has long service life, High utilization rate, If you are the original Folra machine, it is recommended to use special accessories for the Flora, which is better for the machine.

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1) This Flora vacuum pump is produced in Switzerland, so the material selection is more high quality and durable. It has a good auxiliary effect on delaying the service life of the machine. Therefore, the price is relatively beautiful, but it can afford its quality..

2) We have not only the Flora air pump, but also the Flora ink pump for eliminating excess waste ink. For the Flora ink pump, we also have the original and domestic ones. If you want the original ink pump, please provide us with pictures and models. If you want a cheaper one, we can also provide you with them.

3) The Flora machine itself is more expensive, so the corresponding Flora accessories are also more expensive, and some Flora accessories have their own SN code, so when ordering, it must be SN code, if the code does not match, your machine may fail or not work.

4) Flora Ink Pump is suitable for Flora original machine. It has good ink drawing effect and smooth operation. It can be used with Flora original parts. The overall painting condition is better.

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1) Before shipment, we will repeatedly confirm whether the Flora ink pump is damaged or malfunctioning, to ensure that after you receive the goods, the goods are intact. In order to avoid accidents or crushing damage in transit, after you receive the goods, please take pictures to us, and we will deal with them in time. 

2) We have a professional warehouse logistics team, packaging professional, tight package, to ensure the safety and integrity of goods, so please choose us, I believe we will have a pleasant cooperation for the first time.

3) We have a variety of special accessories for Flora, you can confirm with us pictures, some of the original parts may also need SN code, we are waiting for you here, at any time for you to answer any questions.


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