Line Solvent Ink Tube

Line Solvent Ink Tube

Product Name:line solvent ink Tube
Model:eight lines

Product Details

1line solvent ink Tube

ink tube printer spare parts

2Product Details

Product Name:line solvent ink Tube

Model:eight lines


Size:3*1.8mm 3*2mm 4*2.5mm 4*3mm 4.2*2.8mm 6*4mm

Brand Name:LETOP

Origin Place:China 


3Product Show                  

line solvent ink Tube


1)The ink tube of eight lines have some sizes,you can have a choice according to your using habit.

2)The service life of tube is long,when you find it get dirty,you can clean it and use it again.

3)Our tube is brand new and excellent, The more you buy, the better the price. 

4) No matter how long the printer tube we can provide you.

5Shipping Details

Delivery Time:10-20 days     

Supply Ability:


Packaging Details:Neutral packing or packing according to customers' request   

6Our Service

1) The quality is upgrade about our products,our company is also changed with bigger warehouse and more professional saleman,give you a good service.

2) The warehouse is updated, Adopting higher technology,in order to have a accurate and fast delivery.

3) Our staff are professionally trained and there are four to five training sessions a month.


Certificate of sailai



Q: What color ink tube do you have? 

A: We have white and black,used for large solvent printer and uv flated printer.

Q: How long will the goods be shipped?

A: After we confirm your payment,we will send it,about 3-15 days according to different express.    

Q :Is it strong of your printer tube?

A: Yes, it is corrosion-resistant .

Q: If the items are broken during shipping,what should I do? 

A: First,please send the picture about the goods,we will have a check,then deal with it for you.

9Company strength

1. We are a professional printing equipment parts trading company, with production, sales, service.

2.Our experience and our know-how enable us to supply products according to needs of each customer.

3. We have many types about the inkjet printer spare parts,used for all eco solvent machine and outdoor printer and uv machine

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