Xaar 1003 Printhead Price

Xaar 1003 printhead is mainly used in large inkjet printer, a wide range of applications, easy integration. Xaar 1003 printhead price is very expensive .It has a high injection performance, compared to other models of one-way printing head is an optimization of one.
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Product Details

2、Product Details

Product name

Xaar 1003 Printhead




Xaar 1003


Oil/Water Resistance to Weak Solvent

Used for

Large inkjet printer


100% new and original


Box case packaging

Place of origin



1)Xaar 1003 Printhead size (W x D x H) 125mm x 30mm x 60mm, print head weight (dry) 144 g, printing accuracy 360 x 360 dpi, up to 50 m / min line speed, 4 levels of gray

2) It can print high-quality patterns, sharp words and bright colors. It has a large amount of ink jet printing technology to achieve three-dimensional bright effect

3)Xaar1003 printhead has the characteristics of high cost performance, high output and good quality, which can realize the high thick coating of UV varnish

4) If you need more quantity, I can talk about the Xaar 1003 printhead price with you and give you a discount.


4、Product Show




5、Our Service  服务建议加长

1)Many unique skills of Xaar 1003 Printhead ensure complete printing process and high continuity. Reliable reduction of production interruption, reduce the operator's operational errors, than xaar 1003 printhead price is good and high performance.

2)If you purchase Xaar 1003 printhead with quality or technical questions, we will provide you with solutions. You can ask us if you have any other questions.

3)Our company's printhead products are usually shipped in Box case packaging. Express will choose the best logistics mode for you in DHL or EMS.

4)Our company's team will answer your questions wholeheartedly, and recommend more suitable products for your needs, welcome to consult me.

6、Authorization guarantee

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