Novajet 750 Printhead

novajet 750 printhead for novajet suitable for many models printer such as Novajet PRO, Cut, PROe, 700, 500, 750, 630, 850, PRO600e, 940,although the novajet 750 printhead is divided into two small cutting nozzles and large cutting nozzles, their uses are the same. Ink cartridges size is 3.6mm*4mm*6.2mm,in addition, the size of the nozzle is 2.8mm*1mm*1.2mm

Product Details

2Product Details

Product brand

Novajet 750





Type head

Encad 750 head

Place of origin

Made in china



Cartridge's Status



TT/western union etc.




1)novajet 750 printhead are manufactured according to the special parameters of the homemade Novajet 750. There is neither air leakage nor ink leakage.

2)inovajet 750 printhead are environmentally friendly and non-polluting, does not block the nozzle, and has a long life under good storage conditions.

3)A specially designed silicone cap gives you a lot of convenience when replacing novajet 750 printheads.

4novajet 750 printhead has specific instructions on the product packaging that can help you get the most out of it.

5)novajet 750 printhead has a ink level sensor and a completely transparent outer casing, making it easier to check the ink height and make it easier to use.

6)novajet 750 printhead are vacuum packaging is easy to store and transport, does not age, and avoids mildew due to long-term storage.

4Product Show


5Our Service

1)When you are ready to install the novajet 750 printhead, you can open the blue to explain.

2)Please do not touch the inkjet head and circuit contact part.

3)Please use the novajet 750 printhead better after disassembling it within 1 month.

4)If you are a wholesaler of novajet 750 printhead, a medium-sized purchasing company or a factory, you need to find a source of supply, you can choose us, we have sufficient stock, and when you reach a certain quantity, we will give you the right price.

5)And during the loading, delivery and transportation of goods, we will help you track the logistics information all the way, until you check the novajet 750 printhead safely.

6)If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.We are trying 24*7 online service.

6Authorization guarantee





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