Ink Cartridge For Novajet

Ink Cartridge For Novajet

There is many types ink cartridge for novajet enca 750 and 1000i inkjet printer,like Sky-color SC-700 SC-750 SC-760 SC-5500S,Lecai silver 208 600 600e 630 700 736 750 850 880 for 600DPI ,Yineng,Yongli ect, it is with Black Cyan Magenta Yellow color, The print head are designed by ultra-large filter layer and will print with ink more fluently
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Product Details

2.Product Details


ink cartridge for novajet

Ink Color




Usable machine

Novajet 750 and 1000i machine

Name of cartridge

Lecai,Yineng,Yongli,Sky Color

Cartridge model

Golden and silver and common

Producing country




Single gross weight







1) To protect all panel contacts from ink contamination and keep novajet nozzles away from blocking,make cartridge life longer and more durable.

2) Use immediately after unpacking when you receive the ink cartridge for novajet,don’t touch or hit the chip on ink cartridge, For good sealing, use suited properly ink eedle,tighten ink pin when sealing,no overwind.

3) In order to make the novajet ink cartridge print well, try to choose good quality ink, do not use inferior ink, so as not to damage the nozzle or print smoothly,the lecai ink or skycolor ink or other are excellent to print.

4) Excessive use of ink will produce ink droplets, causing pollution and electric shock, resulting in permanent damage to the ink cartridge. Therefore, the amount of ink put into the ink cartridge should be appropriate, generally around 20ml. Besides, when cleaning the nozzle, only distilled water can be used to wipe the nozzle.

5) The blue tape can only be disassembled when ink cartridge for novajet is installed. If it is disassembled in advance, it can't ensure the normal use of the nozzle, and do not touch the contact points and spray holes of the nozzle with your hands, so as to avoid pollution and failure.

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5.Our Service

1) The appearance of several in cartridges of novajet 750 machine is similar, but there are some differences. The cartridges used by different models are different. Therefore, when you consult us about 750 ink cartridges, you can directly provide pictures, which is simple and clear.

2) We have most parts for novajet 750 and 1000I machines. If necessary, you can tell us the parts you want to consult, and we will provide you with the quotation list with pictures and pictures to save your time.

3) Due to material price rise and factory adjustment, most ink cartridges for novajet do not match ink needles in the production process, so if you need ink cartridges with ink needles, we can customize them specially, and we also have stock of ink needles, so we can directly send ink cartridges and ink needles.

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