Why Piezoelectric Photo Machine Can Capture Market Quickly

- Nov 19, 2018-

The prosperity and rapid development of the inkjet advertising industry, among which the development of the inkjet printing equipment is the primary contributor. In particular, in recent years, the domestic piezoelectric photo machine has been vigorously promoted and improved in technology, making the advertising airbrush production more intelligent and automatic. What is the reason that multi-functional piezoelectric photo machines can quickly capture the market?    

First, piezoelectric photo machine technology is more stable, printing accuracy is higher;    

Piezoelectric ink - jet technology, so that ink - jet printing technology has a qualitative flyby. In the past, thermal foam inkjet technology has become a thing of the past. The thermal foam inkjet technology has been unable to compare with piezoelectric ink-jet technology. The piezoelectric inkjet printer adopts the mainstream epson piezoelectric fifth-generation sprinkler head with stable performance, fast printing speed and high printing accuracy. Because the high-performance piezoelectric jet head adopts the scientific normal temperature inkjet way, it will not damage the nozzle and guarantee the longer service life of the nozzle. At the same time to achieve more stable use performance photographic machine, stable use performance is also to reduce wastage to achieve low cost. For example, the continuous length diagram of the nozzle working stability; Because of the scientific way of ink jet, in the actual printing process, the long graph will not break, the stability of the continuous long graph is to improve the yield, so as to reduce the cost.    

Second, The rapid printing speed of piezoelectric photo machine is the embodiment of improving the efficiency and cost of inkjet printing.    

The application of piezoelectric inkjet technology enables the piezoelectric photo machine to achieve faster printing speed. Multi-pass printing and multi-nozzle printing simultaneously make the drawing faster and more efficient. The speed is far ahead of the traditional thermal foam machine and the printing machine, and the drawing is more detailed and has better effect. At the same time, the piezoelectric pictorial machine high speed figure, print out the section is also the embodiment of the province production man-hour cost reduction, such as the Labour costs have risen now society, the rising cost of water, electricity, if the investment of our machines, speed is one of the common machine times, that means the same amount of work, but we can save half of the salary, half of the water and electricity consumption of choose and employ persons, reduce the cost of the customer, accumulate over a long period and also is very objective profits.    

Third, the piezoelectric photo machine multi-functional extension, the application industry more extensive, is the production of profit assurance.    

Piezoelectric ink-jet technology enables you to have more stable printing performance. At the same time, with the multi-function and multi-purpose ink extension, the photo machine can achieve the expansion of multiple industries, such as thermal transfer printing, UV UV curing printing and other applications, making the piezoelectric photo machine more intelligent. Support the inkjet printing of a variety of medium materials, so that it is not limited to the traditional inkjet printing, but also can be applied to many industries, such as manufacturing, to expand business opportunities and obtain substantial profits. Therefore, the application of intelligent piezoelectric photo machine, your investment and use, means that you can earn more profits.