Why Is There A Distinction Between Outdoor Type And Indoor Type?

- Feb 20, 2020-

You may ask, why can't the photo machine print outdoor ads and indoor ads directly? Why indoor and outdoor models?  

The photo realistic machine is a continuous ink-jet printer with large format, which is mainly used for high-precision advertising screen printing. Its printing speed and precision are superior to the traditional ink-jet printer. At the same time, the photo realistic machine can be divided into indoor and outdoor photo realistic machines. They can also be divided into different types according to different environmental requirements.

Therefore, there are different types of outdoor and indoor. Of course, the ink used by these two kinds of photo realistic machines is quite different, so the structure of the machine will also have considerable changes. The ink used by outdoor photo realistic machines is generally weak solvent ink (oily ink). Weak solvent ink is waterproof and sunscreen like oily ink, and the outdoor environment will not fade for a long time. It is greener than oily ink The color is environmental friendly, and the smell is small; at the same time, the storage time is longer than the indoor ink. The advantage of indoor and outdoor photo is that the ink is cheaper, the printed picture is more fine, and the color is more bright.  

Why can't the photo machine print outdoor and indoor advertisements directly? Why indoor and outdoor models? We can clearly understand that the ink used between the two is different, and the application for indoor and outdoor environment is also different, so the indoor and outdoor photo machines have different requirements for relevant configuration. Therefore, it is necessary to develop and produce indoor and outdoor photo machines for these two different inks. In addition, ink is not interchangeable for indoor and outdoor photo machines.  

It is also worth noting that different types of indoor and outdoor photo machines support different types of ink-jet printing materials. Outdoor photo machines cannot be used to print indoor ink-jet materials. Similarly, indoor photo machines do not support printing on outdoor paper media. Common ink-jet materials are different, and the indoor and outdoor layers they support are different. Therefore, when choosing the ink-jet material medium, the user should ask the material supplier whether you want outdoor materials or outdoor materials.  

Some commonly used materials for indoor painting: PP film, photo paper, light box film, silk cloth, oil painting cloth, transparent back glue, etc.; outdoor materials for painting: outdoor outdoor light cloth, outdoor interior light cloth, body paste, outdoor silk cloth, grid cloth, single hole transparent At present, the price of domestic outdoor machines is cheap and the stability is good, so many users prefer outdoor ones when they buy them.