Why Does The Printhead Need To Be Cleaned?

- Apr 30, 2020-

The friend who uses the photo machine must know the maintenance work of the printhead cleaning, so why does the photo machine printhead need to be cleaned? What are the functions of cleaning printhead?


For the printhead, in order to make the printing quality better, it is necessary to clean the printhead, whether it is a thermal foam or piezoelectric photo machine. Why do you need to clean the printhead? As the photo machine is working, in addition to part of the ink spots that will appear on the logo carrier, part of them will be recycled by the recycling system, there are many scattered spots that will splash on the printhead.


In addition, the first or last drop of ink ejected from the printhead may not reach the identification carrier or recovery system because the ink circulation system is not in a normal state when the printhead is turned on or off. Such a long time accumulation will cause printhead blockage, which may cause printhead damage and other faults. If the printhead is blocked, printing quality will be greatly reduced , there will be lines or other problems in printing, so the image effect cannot be restored perfectly. Therefore, in order to make the printing effect better, we need to clean the printhead to ensure that the printhead achieves a better effect.  


On the other hand, if the printhead is not cleaned, such as the problem of impurities, the photo machine will absorb a large amount of dust in the working process, adhere to the ink, including some impurities in the air, and make it enter the ink circulation system, it may have chemical or physical changes with the ink, resulting in some granular substances, resulting in ink precipitation, resulting in blockage of pipes and printheads, Especially when using oil-based ink, after the completion of the work of the photo machine, it needs a maintenance, including printhead cleaning, etc., which can effectively keep the printhead unblocked, ink-jet unblocked, so that the printed image is clearer, wireless strip or no ink, etc.   


Therefore, the cleaning of the printhead is necessary for the maintenance of the photo machine. Whether it is the photo machine or other desktop inkjet printers, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the printhead and the cleaning of the printhead.