What Is The Difference Between Portrait And Inkjet?

- Aug 31, 2018-

Spray-painting generally refers to the output of outdoor advertising screen, it outputs a large picture, such as a large number of billboards near the highway is the result of the output of the spray-painting machine. Output models are: NRUSALSA3200, color 3200, etc., generally 3.2 meters of the maximum width. The medium used by the jet printer is generally advertising cloth (commonly known as lamp-box cloth), ink using oily ink, jet painting companies to ensure the durability of the screen, the general picture color than the color on the display is a bit darker. Its actual output of the image resolution is generally only 30 ~ 45DPI (according to printing requirements contrast), the actual size of the screen is relatively large, with an area of hundreds of square meters.

Photo generally refers to indoor use, and its output is usually only a few square meters. Such as advertising small screen used by the exhibition. Output type such as HP5000, the maximum width of 1.5 meters in general. The medium used for photo machine is PP paper, light plate and ink. After the output image is finished, the finished product is coated and mounted. The output resolution can reach 300-1200DPI (different models will have different), and its color is saturated and clear.