What Is 750 Photo Machine And Common Faults

- Mar 20, 2020-

What is a 750 photo machine? 750 photo machine is a typical model in the photo machine. It refers to a 750 model.   

Common faults and solutions:

1、 750 photo machine common troubleshooting - do not print solution: 1. The printer does not detect the print carrier: load the print carrier 2. The paper tester is dirty or damaged, clean or replace 3. Re insert memory 4. Print line / data line / decryption card, re insert or replace (considering data transmission)

2、 750 machine common faults - LCD does not display the key is not good solution:

1. If the key connecting line is not connected properly or the key is aged, plug in or replace the key again

2. the liquid crystal contrast is not adjusted properly: setting menu - user setting - liquid crystal display contrast - up and down adjustment - confirm to save

3. The LCD is damaged, replace the LCD 4. The display chip of the main board is damaged, replace the main board

3、 Why does 750 photo still print? Printing stagnation, especially the domestic photo machine, should have been encountered by many users. Most of the time, when a picture is about to be printed, stagnation and waste of materials bring about economic losses, which makes people collapse. In fact, it is also very simple to solve this problem. Usually, this situation is caused by the following reasons. You can find the final reason step by step.     

1. The most likely cause of this problem is the incorrect COMS setting on the computer motherboard. In the COMS setting of the main board of the computer, the printing port of the 750 printer should be ECP (it must be an independent ECP). As the setting method of computer motherboards of different brands is different, please refer to the instructions of computer motherboards for details. If ECP is still not working, it's better to try a new computer.     

2. In many cases, the data line between the photo machine and the computer will also cause printing stagnation. Usually you can plug in the data cable again. If you still can't, you can go to the computer city to buy the same print line and try it again.    

3. Electrostatic effect, check whether your ground wire is standard. A standard ground wire is necessary for a photo machine.     

4. If the above methods are tried or not, then we have to change the main board and memory module of the photo machine