UV Photo Machine Has More Advantages In Flex Application

- Sep 30, 2020-

Compared with the traditional weak solvent outdoor photo machine, the wide UV photo machine has made a major breakthrough in technology. It has the advantages of compatibility with multi-media and rich color effect. It has the characteristics of light resistance, UV resistance, high water resistance, ozone resistance, color is not easy to change old and fade. Its market potential is also very large. It is also an individual business, and small and medium-sized manufacturers expand advertising spray painting and personality Decoration and other production of good way.  

1、 Large format of UV camera

General printed matter will be limited by the printing press and the maximum size of paper, so it is difficult to complete the production of huge advertisements and large-scale portraits of stars by ordinary printing. And wide format photo machine is just for this, support large size and large width inkjet printing. For example, 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters, 3.2 meters and other large format printing, UV roll photo machine in the advantages of traditional wide format photo machine more play to its fast printing, rich color effect, compatible with the performance of multi coil media, become a wide format ink-jet printing universal printer.  

2、 UV photo machine supports product personalization and wide market application

Nowadays, with the development of various fields of inkjet printing, inkjet printing media on the market are also following the development of various types. There are so many compatibility problems between traditional water-based ink and weak solvent oil-based ink for different types of layers. And UV curing printing, to achieve the compatibility of various media, has a very good adhesion to different media. In this way, UV photo machine further expands the application field of traditional weak solvent outdoor photo machine, so that different coil media can realize personalized multi type inkjet printing. It can not only make colorful advertising posters, such as highway billboards with large area and high position, which can be viewed from a long distance, etc., but also can make high-definition, high appreciation value indoor or outdoor personal portrait, product advertisement, etc. For example, car body advertising, subway station advertising, elevator advertising, light box advertising and other new outdoor media, studio giant photos, this way of plate making integrates digital proofing, direct plate making and color inkjet painting, which has the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, no pollution, low investment and high return. UV inkjet printing, rich color images, image printing touch has obvious concave and convex three-dimensional sense, good water and light resistance, long storage life.