UV Flat Plate Machine Is Commonly Used In Daily Life

- Dec 26, 2018-

UV flat panel printer as a relatively young digital inkjet printing equipment, in recent years in the production of society often let a person shine: there are so good things! Indeed, UV plate printer currently supports the printing of the vast majority of flat surface material, and therefore is called "universal plate printer", the next to introduce the main application of UV plate printer.  

Above all, TV setting wall is the strong point of UV flatbed printer absolutely, it can print the pattern of quality of a photograph not only, and can print a variety of effects such as concave and convex, 3D, anagio, instant appreciation is many for a common ceramic tile! And use UV ink to print the background wall, the color will not fade for a long time, moisture-proof, uv-proof, usually can maintain 10 to 20 years do not fade.  

Secondly, glass sliding door is also a great investment direction, according to statistics, China is the largest country in the global sliding door market, sliding door market still has about 70% of the demand space. UV flat plate machine can print ordinary flat glass, plexiglass, frosted glass and other types of glass, design and color, pattern can be freely designed.  

However, copy wood grain floor tile also is more popular recently. Usually the decorative pattern of floor tile is natural, or through firing form, cost of these two kinds of production technology is higher, and did not individualize custom-built, only a large number of production of all sorts of design and color sample take the market to sell, which sells well to produce a few more, be immersed in passive situation very easily so. UV plate printer is to solve this problem, DIY customization is very simple, the color of the printed floor tile and the appearance of solid wood floor tile almost the same. (note: the printing floor tile in order to ensure that its wear resistance and waterproof, needs a specific coating) 

Now, UV flat-panel printers in crystal crafts, sign, plaque has a wide range of applications, the wedding industry especially in the advertising industry, the characteristics of UV flat-panel printers with its white ink printing, can print out in transparent acrylic, crystal products beautiful words, pictures. White, color, white three layers of ink can be printed to the surface of the medium, both streamline the process, and ensure the printing effect. In fact, UV tablet printers are used far more than these, but also to print mobile phone cases, printing thick leather, printing wooden boxes and so on. Investing in a UV flat board machine to do all kinds of business is not a problem, the problem is that you have to have a pair of eyes to find social needs, and a smart brain, creativity is always the greatest wealth.