Usingh Notes Of Photo Machinein High Temperature Hot Weather

- May 30, 2019-

In the summer, the southern regions are generally in the hot and hot environment. Pictorial machine as a high precision digital painting printing equipment, generally speaking, the pictorial machine the normal print to print on the work environment of temperature and humidity is has the certain requirement, especially the high temperature hot weather conditions, the use of pictorial machine should pay more attention to, to keep the pictorial machine good working temperature and humidity environment, keep the print to print the ventilation of the working environment.

From the factory configuration parameters of wuteng photo machine manufacturers, it is generally indicated that the recommended working temperature of room temperature is best around 18-25 degrees. Why should we pay more attention to the use of photo machines in hot weather?

First of all, under the high temperature of the hot weather, pictorial machine working temperature of the room temperature should be higher than the normal use of pictorial machine, combined with piezoelectric pictorial machine as a sophisticated digital printing equipment, in the process of spray print work, related electronic components, print heads and circuit, can produce the corresponding heating temperature, high temperature hot climate, gather heat can not get timely, will cause the machine work environment under the high temperature operation. High temperature environment will not only affect the normal use of the photo machine, too high temperature is easy to cause the photo machine control board high temperature, affect the printing performance, and even other serious chip and electronic components, circuit damage and so on.

Hot weather, on the other hand, is also a great influence on pictorial machine ink, ink viscosity changes with the change of environmental temperature and height will directly affect the pictorial machine ink viscosity, high temperature will affect the pictorial machine related fluency, dry ink, etc., and the stability of the ink and the ink viscosity, surface tension and volatile, fluency and other factors, such as too high or too low temperature will make the ink viscosity drop or many, thus breaking the original ink balance. As a result, in the process of painting, there are often broken lines or even spouting out of the picture, and other phenomena, printing picture distortion, which affect the printing of the finished picture of the fault.

Using pictorial machine under high temperature hot weather, pay attention to keep the pictorial machine working environment ventilation, ventilation cooling way is the best, whether it is a natural ventilation cooling window or add related to air conditioning, fans, ventilation equipment, keep the pictorial machine ventilated sex work environment, can not only achieve cooling effect, let the pictorial machine there is an optimum operating temperature, at the same time, the working environment of ventilation can be greatly reduced spray print indoor ink smell, etc.