Use Of Dryer And Heating System In Winter Climate

- Dec 19, 2019-

The platform heating system and dryer of the photo machine should be opened reasonably. For the users of the photo machine, we should also pay attention to the following items under the cold and low temperature climate in winter, which can improve the working efficiency of the photo machine and guarantee the photo machine.  

1: reasonably adjust the temperature and temperature of the painting workshop. If possible, install air conditioning and other equipment, and adjust the temperature to 15-30 degrees, so as to provide a comfortable environment for the painting and printing.  

2: if your photo machine is not equipped with relevant heating system and dryer, you can configure an external dryer for the photo machine. Warm reminder: the whole series of Leto photo realistic machine is equipped with printing platform heating system as standard (two-stage heating system in front and back of the printing platform or three-stage heating system in front, middle and back of the printing platform), pre dryer. 

3: using the original ink of the photo machine manufacturer and the ink recommended by the manufacturer, under different climatic conditions, the temperature and humidity will affect the use of the photo spray ink. The ink produced by different manufacturers has different raw materials and composition, such as the fast and slow drying of the ink, the color performance, and the smoothness of the ink.

For the above three items, we hope that loyal users of the photo machine must pay attention to the choice of high-quality brand photo machine to provide a satisfactory environment and high-quality consumables for the photo machine, so that the photo machine can create greater returns for you and bring more profits for your printing business!