Two Conditions That Determine The Output Quality Of A Piezoelectric Printer

- Jan 21, 2019-

Advertising output equipment is generally divided into indoor piezoelectric photo machine and outdoor piezoelectric photo machine two. Indoor general printing width in 1.6 meters, outdoor general printing width in 1.8 meters. This is a more general way of dividing. At present, the market appears the quality of the two-level phenomenon, the cost and the pressure of competition led to the quality of some brands of inkjet printing machine, mainly reflected in the performance of the inkjet printing machine is not stable or the configuration of cutting corners, which of course will directly affect the quality of the printing equipment.  

I. problems caused by printing consumables

Signage production is divided into printing ink and printing medium. Only the printing cloth and ink can be matched to get high quality painting, this is particularly evident in the production of weak solvent ink printing. Spray painting medium is divided into external lights, lights inside. Varieties are printed cloth, light box cloth, plastic film, film, film, paper and so on. Due to the variety of related media involved, the effect and price are also different. The quality of printing supplies for printing quality of the impact of the majority of advertising peers is obvious to all. Inferior consumables will not only affect the quality of printing, serious and even lead to the damage of painting equipment and nozzle.  

Second, the operation level of technical problems caused by the operation level, whether in the early color printing, or in the later stage of the connection processing, can affect the final effect of the jet painting. Printing companies should continue to staff targeted technical post training to make printing work more able to meet the needs of customers. Generally speaking, skilled employees can create richer colors and more accurate color values within a limited range of colors. This will undoubtedly provide us with the most powerful technical support to create more colorful, creative and unique outdoor advertisements. Therefore, we emphasize that when the quality of printing problems, the importance of the technical level and experience of the operator is directly reflected. After finding out the core issues that determine the quality of the photo, the right medicine, in each link to solve, so that the quality of the spray painting has a basic guarantee.