The Use Of Dryer And Heating System In Winter

- Jan 19, 2021-

In the cold and low temperature climate, the ink drying is often slow when the photo printer prints pictures, especially in the case of urgent orders. For example, the color on the picture is thick, the large area of red and black in the pattern block, and the large block pattern of pure color. After printing, the picture drying is relatively slow. If the picture is too late to dry, winding is easy to appear The problem of picture adhesion.

In addition, in the case of urgent orders, the auxiliary use of the external dryer and the printing heating system of the platform is very important. Turning on the external dryer of the photo machine can quickly dry the picture, and simultaneously heat the picture and dry the surface of the picture when printing out, so as to shorten the time required for drying the picture, improve the work efficiency of the photo machine, and achieve high efficiency Finish printing urgent order efficiently.    

The platform heating system and dryer of the photo machine should be opened reasonably. For the photo machine users, in the cold and low temperature climate in winter, we should pay attention to the following items, which can improve the work efficiency of spray painting and protect the navigation of the photo machine.    

1: Reasonably adjust the temperature and temperature of the photo machine painting workshop. If possible, air conditioning and other equipment can be installed to adjust the temperature to 15-30 degrees, so as to provide a comfortable environment for the photo machine painting and printing. Second: if your photo machine is not equipped with relevant heating system and dryer, you can configure an external dryer for the photo machine.    

3: Using the original ink of photo printer manufacturer and the ink recommended by manufacturer, under different climate environment, temperature and humidity will affect the use of photo jet ink. The raw materials and composition of ink produced by different manufacturers are different, such as the drying speed, color performance, ink fluency, etc. After all, the quality of the original ink is guaranteed, the color performance is good, the fluency is good, and the dryness is good. Refuse inferior ink. Don't choose inferior ink for the sake of low price. You should know the eternal product law, cheap is not good, good is not cheap!    

The above three, I hope loyal photo machine users must pay attention to the choice of high-quality brand photo machine, to the photo machine a satisfactory environment and high-quality consumables, so that the photo machine can create greater returns for you, for your inkjet printing business to bring more profits!