The Selling Point Of Domestic Printing Machine Is Not Limited To Price

- Aug 27, 2020-

In recent years, the development of domestic printing machine is very fast. I believe that it is obvious to all in the industry. The domestic printing machine has been recognized and praised by users for its super value cost performance. In the future, the development of domestic printing machine will give people more surprises.  


Domestic photo machine with affordable price become the first impression of users on domestic photo machine. However, through the development of domestic piezoelectric ink-jet technology, continuous mastery of technology and mature and stable products, today's domestic photo machine selling points are not limited to cheap price, good multi-functional stability, these advantages are worthy of comparison with imported photo machine products of big brands and old brands.  


The domestic photo machine has the advantages of high precision and faster printing speed. The nozzle adopts piezoelectric nozzle, which is not only with high printing accuracy, fast speed, stability, and is not easy to break down. From the past technology reference to today's independent research and development, personalized multi-function expansion, and the vigorous R & D and development of domestic photo machine manufacturers, today's domestic photo machine is no inferior to imported large brand in terms of brand promotion and product technology. For example, we Shenzhen Wuteng MT series piezoelectric photo machine, stable performance, super value and affordable price, the best choice in the eyes of users, the industry's first brand.       


Domestic photo machine manufacturers are increasing every year, constantly pushing their own product brands and different functions of photo machine equipment products. In the market demand, they continue to provide users with different types of photo printing equipment, so that users can choose more brands. Although domestic photorealistic machines have been striving to achieve high quality and low price and lower the price threshold, in the foreign market, the share of photo machines in the United States and Europe is not comparable to that in Africa and other countries. In terms of the distribution and search heat of domestic domestic piezoelectric printing machines, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other regions are greatly ahead of other cities, especially Guangzhou and Shenzhen Shenzhen has far more shares than other cities. In fact, it is not difficult to understand that the per capita income of developed regions is much higher than that of other regions, and there is a gap in purchasing power. The field of domestic photo machine belongs to the high-tech industry which has not been popularized yet. Both the technical difficulty and the cost price are relatively high, which can not be afforded by ordinary users. Therefore, the share of this type of products in developed areas is far higher than that in other regions.  


With the continuous improvement of printing machine technology and the research and development of domestic printing machine technology, in addition to the price is more superior to imported large brand photo machine, many state-owned technology elements are added to many state-owned brand photo machines, and many new technologies are integrated into some printing technologies. These are technologies and functions that cannot be possessed by imported photo machines. The development direction of domestic printing machine and more functions makes it more suitable for users in multi industry and multi field application. Therefore, in addition to the cheap price selling point, the multi-function and stable performance of domestic photo machine are also the new selling points of domestic photo machine, and they are the super value cost performance photo printing equipment products in the eyes of users.