The Role Of Ink Valve

- May 03, 2019-

For pictorial machine, any small parts of its role is not to be ignored, they can give a pictorial machine and stable performance, each a small parts of each self-contained nailsin closely, play an important role. Today we take a look at photo machine the one-way valve, an obscure small accessories its role is very big.

In the piezoelectric photo machine, the one-way valve fitting is installed on the trolley, between the nozzle and the ink supply pipe, which plays the role of the guard to prevent the phenomenon of ink string in the photo machine. When printing pictorial captain time suspended, for example, nozzle through for the refill tube connected to the cartridge, nozzle and the height difference between the cartridge position, due to factors such as air pressure, there will be easy to a nozzle ink printing pictorial machine suspended slow reflow phenomenon, make the ink the string and a string of ink, fault impact pictorial machine printing image effect.

The application of the pictograph machine one-way valve can perfectly prevent the ink stringing fault, in the pictograph machine time to stop printing and maintenance, you can turn off the one-way valve switch, to solve the ink backflow caused by the problem of air pressure stringing ink, at the same time can further improve the protection of the nozzle is convenient, to ensure the use of the pictograph machine quality stability