The Photo Machine Also Needs Environmental Protection Consumables, Which Should Be Recycled

- Nov 28, 2019-

As we all know, there are many consumables in the industry and users of the photo machine, but now our country and the world are advocating environmental protection and sustainable development, so the consumables of the piezoelectric photo machine or other digital printing equipment need to be environmentally friendly or recycled.

Recently, at a printing Exhibition Conference in Germany, a less concerned issue was raised: the problem of print recycling and deinking in digital printing production. This problem is not mentioned by consumers or producers, but now it is finally put on the stage in a conference, which also shows that this problem is gradually valued by people.

At present, almost no printed needle magazine does not cover "sustainable development". All aspects of energy efficiency, care for limited resources, recycling and other topics are the current and future requirements for printers. When the printing industry generalizes all the problems of sustainable production of printed matter with the concept of "green printing", the technological progress in production equipment and plant design related to this is impressive. By adopting energy-saving transmission technology and drying series as well as measures and means to reduce waste paper, we strive to collect valuable raw materials "waste paper" and return the waste paper to recycling paper.

In the future, the digital printing technology with almost no waste and scattered production can contribute to the sustainable production and the realization of the goal of green printing At present, relevant industry engineers, researchers and planners are all developing ecological balance, life cycle cost calculation and sustainable development programs for their products and services. In this way, customers need to re plan the environment and focus on the use of environmentally friendly building materials and sustainable production. If this set of plans is introduced, as a photo machine industry, it should also cooperate, be responsible for the environment, and be responsible for itself. Environmental protection is also energy-saving, and users are more assured.