The Paper Suction Fan Platform Of The Photo Machine Plays A Big Role

- Nov 22, 2019-

On the printout platform of the photo machine, I believe you will often notice that there are many regularly distributed holes on the flat sheet metal platform. In the printout work of the photo machine, the paper suction fan under the platform works at the same time, and the fan rotates to form the air flow. Through the holes on the platform, the small suction force is generated, and the paper is sucked flat, which will make the printing paper media close to the print Platform, no arching, make the photo printing machine more flat.

Its working principle is: the paper suction fan blows forward, and the air at the back comes to supplement. At this time, a strong air flow is formed behind the fan, which generates suction and sucks the paper. It is mainly to make use of the pressure difference between the top and bottom generated by the high-speed operation of the fan, so as to realize that the paper is tightly attached to the panel, which is the paper suction platform on our photo machine  

In addition, in our usual ink-jet printing work, in addition to the application of the paper suction fan platform, there is also the perfect combination of the paper laminations on the platform of the photo machine, which can achieve a more perfect print output of the photo machine, making the paper move forward and backward more smoothly, more flat and not arched, especially in the ink-jet printing output of the photo machine, some hard paper media are often encountered, When the paper feeding operation is carried out on the printing platform, if the paper sheet fails to press the front side of the paper, the paper will easily arch and affect the printing.

Due to the difference between the horizontal tension and toughness of different materials, the materials with small horizontal tension and poor toughness only need a small suction to keep the material flat. If the suction is too large, the material will not move, and the paper arching will rub against the nozzle; if the suction is too small, the material will not be flat, which will affect the printing effect.