The Operation And Maintenance Of The Photo Machine

- May 31, 2020-

First, regular cleaning

1. Nozzle blade: daily cleaning (indoor clean water, outdoor oil)

2. Guide rail: wipe lubricating oil every week

3. Grating: wiped with alcohol for half a year

4. Keep the whole machine clean and indoor clean every day;

Second, precautions for use

1. Note that the indoor photo machine can not use oily ink, which is easy to corrode the ink supply system and block the ink head. Do not mix ink. (do not add wrong ink, color and indoor or outdoor)

2. It is not allowed to plug and unplug the print line with power, otherwise the main board will be damaged.

3. Pay attention not to wipe the ink head nozzle. If there is ink, it can be wiped off with a cloth that does not depilate or a paper towel of good quality. Otherwise, the ink hole may be blocked.

4. The machine must be connected to the ground wire. When the air is dry, the electrostatic problem cannot be ignored. When using some back glue and light media, the machine should be charged with electrostatic charge (especially when the paper feeding speed is very fast); the electrostatic charge can cause safety damage to the machine and ink head, and the method of electrostatic discharge by the ground wire should be adopted. As the human body itself is a huge static power supply, when operating the ink head with electricity, make sure that both hands have been discharged (contact the grounded metal body or wear the electrostatic removing bracelet), otherwise it is easy to cause damage to individual ink points of the ink head. Grounding requirements and methods;

5. In the large ink supply system, the ink in the large ink cartridge should be kept about 1 / 2-3 / 4.