The Maintenance Of The Photo Machine Is Not Limited To The Printhead

- Nov 08, 2019-

As a large width ink-jet printer, the daily use and maintenance of the photo machine is very important, especially for the maintenance of the nozzle, because the nozzle is the core part of the photo machine, its printing state is good or bad, which directly determines the effect of the photo printing    

However, in the daily maintenance work of the photo machine, the maintenance of the photo machine is not limited to the maintenance of the nozzle, but also very important for the maintenance of the components of other related large and small photo machines, such as the common maintenance of the photo machine grating, the photo machine ink supply system and related ink supply pipeline, printing guide rail, ink stack, etc Look at.    

The grating strip is a transparent film strip behind the trolley frame on the printing platform of the photo realistic machine. Its main function is to print and position, like the scale of the scale. Its maintenance is mainly to keep the surface of grating clean, avoid dust, residual ink drops, etc., so that it is easy for the photo machine to print the positioning error, and the printing map to have double shadow, dislocation and other faults. In daily maintenance operation, regular cleaning of grating can be arranged, and the grating surface can be cleaned by light wiping with soft cloth    

The ink supply system and related ink supply pipes of the photo realistic machine should keep the ink supply smooth and the ink pipe sealed, so as to avoid the ink supply broken due to the air leakage of the ink pipe. The daily maintenance is to check the ink supply pipe regularly. If there is any fault caused by folding or other broken and poor sealing of the ink pipe, timely solve or replace the ink pipe    

For example, after a period of printing work, the ink stack will be reset to the ink stack, and the scraps and ink pads in the ink stack will operate with the nozzle to scrape, clean and pump ink, which plays a better role in maintaining the nozzle. Shenzhen Wuteng photo machine applies high-quality and intelligent ink stack system, with more stable performance and better nozzle protection. For the long-term non maintenance of the ink stack, the scraps and ink pads on the ink stack are easy to accumulate residual ink and dust. If they are not cleaned in time, it is easy to cause the ink scraping of the nozzle is not clean, and the nozzle is stained with ink residues, etc., resulting in the nozzle prone to drop ink, block the nozzle and other faults, affecting the ink-jet printing of the photo machine. Therefore, pay attention to the maintenance and regular maintenance of the ink stack. For example, clean the scraps and the residual ink stains and sundries on the ink stack with a cotton stick with cleaning liquid. If the scraps have been damaged and deformed, replace the scraps in time In addition, there are other related common maintenance operations of the photo machine, which are not listed one by one. Please do a good job in daily maintenance operations according to the relevant use of the photo machine, so as to provide a good and high-quality working state for the photo machine. In this way, the photo machine can play a better role in the daily ink-jet printing work and improve the efficiency of the ink-jet printing.