The Concrete Operation Method Of Cleaning The Nozzle Of Piezoelectric Pictorial Machine

- Mar 18, 2019-

When the user USES the piezoelectric photo machine, each time must carry on the sprinkler head automatic cleaning, then prints the sprinkler head test chart, checks the sprinkler head condition. So why do we do this? Ink volatile, volatile in the air and clear out of solid matter, this is the main cause of the nozzle jam. When spraying the painting on the cloth, there will always be a part of ink left around. This part of ink will become smaller and even block the spray hole after drying in the air. However, it is outside the spray hole and it is easy to clean.

So how do we maintain the nozzle after the daily photo machine work is completed? After all the daily printing work is completed, in order to keep the nozzle in the best working state and avoid blocking the nozzle due to solvent ink volatilization, please follow the following methods for maintenance.

  1. Move the head back to the ink stack area at the far right and make the nozzle closely combined with the moisturizing ink stack core.

  2.  Clean the wet sponge with a special cleaning solution, and then pour the cleaning solution onto the sponge to soak it.

  3.  Turn off the power of the equipment.

  4.  Keep the device in this state overnight.

Treatment method after finding the nozzle blocked:

  1. It is very important to deal with the slight blockage of the nozzle in a timely, decisive and thorough manner in order to maintain the optimal working state of the nozzle during the long printing process.

  2. Replug the ink supply pipe after cleaning, and then continue the previously suspended printing operation.

  3.  Do not hesitate to press the pause button to stop printing if the nozzle is slightly blocked during the printing process.

  4. 4. Unplug the ink supply pipe on the nozzle, and then use the syringe to extract the special cleaning liquid to clean the nozzle. Method: use 40ml professional cleaning liquid every time, once every 10 minutes, 3-4 times in total.

With the above method, we can not only prevent the nozzle plug can also solve the problem of nozzle plug, must have great benefit!