The Application Of Common Materials In Various Industries

- Nov 27, 2020-

With the rapid development of inkjet printing equipment and the large demand of the market, the related printing consumables have been developed synchronously, and the market demand of common materials for photo inkjet printing is also growing. For the commonly used materials of photo inkjet printing, we will share the introduction and application of different inkjet materials for you: in order to achieve perfect effect, in addition to the exquisite inkjet printing technology of printing personnel, the use of materials for inkjet printing is also a very key link. When we make outdoor inkjet painting, we must prepare relevant materials in advance. The different application of inkjet painting, the medium materials used are also different.

For example, in the poster design to use PP film, this material gum is more exquisite, precision is very high, can be very easy to make the object to bond, not easy to produce bubbles and gaps, produced posters can be pasted on the wall with double-sided adhesive, and can be used repeatedly, which can save a lot of materials, use up green and ring protect.    

With the close combination of photo printer and printer, perfect image painting effect can be achieved. The color is bright and bright, the color is even, and the effect is flat, simple and beautiful. In addition to paper, common inkjet media materials include advertising cloth, high gloss photo paper, PP back glue, synthetic fabric, high fineness silk and acrylic. Compared with paper, these printing materials have the advantages of good apparent quality, high strength and durability, which are suitable for outdoor use or long-term indoor storage.

Different uses and different materials are also different. Ordinary advertising cloth can be selected for lamp box production, with low price; high gloss photo paper, PP back glue and synthetic cloth can be used as Jinan spray painting medium for general photos or lamps; high-quality silk cloth can be selected as Jinan spray painting medium for indoor decoration such as calendar, high-grade photo album or personalized photo Compared with artworks, there are many choices, such as waterproof oil canvas, high gloss oil canvas, flash cloth, silk canvas, white canvas, pearl canvas, flag cloth, color sheet cloth, cotton canvas, transparent cloth, gold carving and silver carving canvas. In addition, the commonly used photo inkjet materials in various industries are also very common.  

Application of light film materials: for example, photo inkjet technology has been widely used in restaurant dishes and light boxes. The use of light box film can produce exquisite image technology, which looks smooth and soft, with moderate light transmission, and has been widely praised and favored by many enterprises. Application of silk cloth: in the application of silk cloth medium materials, such as clothing stores and furniture stores, etc., are made of silk cloth; the application of oil canvas: oil canvas is widely used in high-end atmosphere and elegant exhibition field, and the effect produced has a certain oil painting texture, which looks very high-end atmosphere on the grade. Application of transparent adhesive material: transparent adhesive material is usually used to post at the door. Simple and atmospheric design has set up a good corporate image for the enterprise and is an important choice to show the company's image.  

In addition, there are mesh cloth, outdoor light cloth, body stickers, single hole penetration, etc., which play an important role in different fields. Here will not list them one by one. In general, the market prospect of common materials for photo inkjet painting will be more extensive in the future, and the future development is the same as that of inkjet printing equipment, which has a great prospect.