The Application Of Color Photo Machine In Light Box

- Dec 30, 2018-

Many businesses in the production of advertising will be used in the lamp-film, lamp-film material advertising screen, photo printing machine output image screen on the lamp-film not only beautiful effect, but also show the quality.  

Around us, we can also see the display of advertisements for lights everywhere, such as subway stations, commercial pedestrian streets, shopping malls, supermarkets, bus stops and so on, which are often used for the display of lights. Is in the light of the classification of burner and back burner pills, its print setup also different, but no matter is positive burner or back blowtorch film, show the effect is very satisfactory, it is easy to attract people's attention at the same time, light boxes light piece of advertising can be said to be a beautiful beautiful scenery line in the night on the streets, it can not only convey information play the role of advertising, and for the city beautiful scenery.  

In the advertising images, especially back burner tablets in the pictorial machine printing, attention should be paid to use mirror print, concrete method is to check the "mirror image" in the software printer Settings, image after image general to screen the right layout in the layout, if still left after the mirror spray may make the picture is not complete, especially when screen width and paper close to. The image is printed after the mirror image is set in montay, so that the printed image can be viewed from the back, and the effect will be more obvious, especially under the transmission of light, which is very beautiful. If it is the material of the positive blowtorch, there is no need to set the mirror image, it can be directly typesetting and printing.  

In addition, in the photo machine after printing output, to place the lamp, avoid printing output ink is not completely dry after the situation is easy to scratch with the ground, resulting in the destruction of the image picture, affect the image effect. In addition, the lamp in the downward feed, do not let the lamp laminated together, one is easy to crease, two is easy to make the ink stick together.