Storage Skills Of Common Printing Materials In Advertisement Printing Production Company

- Jan 20, 2020-

Outdoor advertising should not only have a breakthrough in creativity and design, but also have a unique vision in the selection of materials and crafts. In addition to the use of high-performance piezoelectric photo machine for the printout of high-quality outdoor advertising image, the selection of printout media materials for outdoor advertising is also the most important. Today, Wuteng photo machine manufacturer in Shenzhen shares the storage skills of common printout media materials for the majority of advertising printout production users.  

There are many kinds of photo materials in advertising companies, which are mainly divided into three categories: indoor photo materials, outdoor photo materials and thermal sublimation materials. Among them, most of them are indoor photo materials. Therefore, at ordinary times, the storage and storage of printing materials should be managed in a regular way, and the storage should have skills, so that it is more convenient for the daily use, management and storage of inkjet.  

1、 We select and put the things we often use at the front of the warehouse

2、 We select the heavier materials to put at the lowest end of the shelf

3、 We usually reserve three shelves. When purchasing certain materials, we will move the materials in the warehouse to the empty shelves for the operator to use first, that is, adhere to the principle of first in, first out of materials. Usually we will put the back glue, PP, Matt Film and car stickers in the front row. These materials are used in the workshop every day, and they are convenient for the operator to take at the front. Car stickers, single-sided transparent, easy to change, Chunya textile, warp knitted fabric and other materials are generally placed at the bottom, gum, PP, film, glossy photo paper are placed at the top of the shelf, and outdoor photo materials are usually placed on the second layer of the shelf.  

Scientific and reasonable placement and storage management can prevent materials from being crushed, damped, adhere to the first in first out principle of materials, and reduce the loss of materials. At the same time, it is not only helpful for the operator to find the location of materials quickly, but also convenient for the warehouse keeper to know the location and quantity of materials at a glance.