Some Easily Neglected Inspection Points In Small Maintenance Of Photo Machine

- Dec 15, 2020-

Photo machine is an ink-jet printing equipment. The quality of printing image is directly affected by the printing status of the nozzle. The common printing faults, such as nozzle plug, no ink or broken ink, color deviation and lack of color, all of which affect the image effect of the photo printer, which are important maintenance aspects of the printer nozzle and ink supply system. However, in addition to the maintenance of these key parts, we also have some small operations and small parts that we can easily ignore, so it is also worth mentioning here.    

1: Small inspection on the overall frame structure of the machine, such as whether the frame screws are fixed well, the screws on the frame are loose and fall off in the daily printing operation of the machine, which can easily cause shaking and abnormal sound when printing, and whether the screws of the motor and the main body are loose. Therefore, in the daily maintenance and inspection of the camera, we must pay attention to the installation of each frame Contact points are installed well, screws should be fixed and tight, do not ignore these small operating points.    

2: In case of abnormal or noise in the printing process of the photo machine, timely check the motor power linkage components of the photo machine, such as whether the tightness between the motor and the pulley is too loose or too tight, whether the motor belt is worn, etc., can be observed and adjusted appropriately.    

3: Inspection of cleaning, paper wheel, paper transmission shaft, trolley guide rail and other small parts on the printing platform of the photo machine. For example, ink residue on the printing platform, paper scraps stuck, smoothness on the guide rail, indentation caused by ink residue on the paper wheel, etc.