Solution To Air In Ink Pipe Of Photo Machine

- Sep 11, 2020-

The reasons for ink leakage of the printhead are as follows:


1: There is air in the ink tube. Take the air out. There must be no air.


2: The connection between the printhead and the ink needle is not tightened. Please tighten or replace the ink needle.


3: Please replace the printhead due to air leakage.


4: The carriage speed of the machine is too high. Generally, 7. Do not set it to 10. The bracket speed is in the setting menu - print mode menu - bracket speed.


5: The ink in the large ink cartridge on the left side of the machine should not exceed 2 / 3 of the height of the ink cartridge, and it must not be filled up. Methods to solve the problem of air in the ink pipe:


1. Check whether the sealing between the ink needle and the printhead is good;


2. Check whether the ink needle in the large ink cartridge falls off;


3. Check whether the ink pipe is damaged by the photo machine;


4. Check the printhead for air leakage;


5. Check whether there is too little ink in the large ink cartridge of the photo machine;


6. Check whether there is too little ink in the printhead;