Several Special Industries Appliation Of Piezoelectric Pictorial Machine

- Apr 18, 2019-

With the continuous development and maturity of domestic piezoelectric photo machine technology, piezoelectric photo machine has become the mainstream printing equipment for large-format printing output. With its own high performance and high efficiency, it has been widely used in different industries and in the following industries.

First, is the traditional indoor and outdoor advertising printing industry

Family the advertising industry is developing very fast in recent years, the prosperity of commercial economy, product advertising, brand building, all of these are in the advertising industry's most popular form of advertising display, advertising industry is mainly used for propaganda, and advertising methods are varied, such as common bus station, large supermarket shopping malls advertising products, outdoor overhead billboard and so on, these are the application of outdoor photo print ads. Piezoelectric photo machine is now the most mainstream printing and printing equipment, can achieve higher printing accuracy and printing speed, color expression is particularly strong, the image picture is exquisite, high definition, and printing effect is very realistic. And the photo machine print output operation is simple, can achieve large format image print output, production time is short, the investment cost is small, so, this is the other printing brush equipment can not replace the tool, piezoelectric photo machine for the traditional advertising printing industry has a wide range of applications.

Two, is in the graphic processing, signage processing industry applications

For graphic processing industry everyone not unfamiliar, we know that this industry for graphic clarity demand is relatively high, and the piezoelectric pictorial machine in printing precision method is absolutely worth trust, through the piezoelectric pictorial machine printing graphic not only clear, and the printing speed is quick, so graphic processing industry is also a great application of outdoor photo machine. To sign processing also, everybody is the deepest impression is wide and clear, and life a lot of places need sign, because the sign is not only able to response the image of an enterprise, also can send the image of a region, natural need beautiful picture, clear text, and outdoor piezoelectric pictorial machine can meet these requirements.

Application of oil painting and cloth textile in traditional manufacturing industry

Piezoelectric photo machine can achieve a better picture picture and color reduction, and the applicable printing medium material is numerous, so many users will be applied to the photo machine oil painting art painting rapid imitation, low cost and achieve high value; In the cloth textile manufacturing industry, personalized pattern printing can be realized, and more and less personalized customized printing can be realized, such as personalized leather pattern printing for mobile phone leather cases, tablet computer leather cases, leather bags and cases appearance pattern printing and so on.

Four, home decoration industry applications

Pictorial printing machine can achieve personalized home decoration wallpaper pattern printing, single transparent materials in the home office environment decoration and application, printing personalized pattern of soft film smallpox and so on.

With the continuous progress of inkjet printing technology, coupled with the domestic photo machine to the value of cost-effective more popular with users, make it get faster development. In addition to the above several industries, other different types of industries are starting to apply different types of printing equipment, I believe that the future of piezoelectric photo machine printing equipment market will be more and more broad.