Reasons For Inkjet Printer's Inkjet

- Sep 01, 2018-

In the use of the jet printer, there are often problems in the important position, its abnormal problems, it directly affects the current task process, so in the extreme jet printer process, good maintenance of the extreme jet printer nozzle, the following are some experienced customers to provide jet printer nozzle non-inking treatment methods:

Extreme inkjet printer nozzle is not ink or all can not be sprayed out, there are several general cases, the first worker improper operation of the printing system fault, the second inkjet printer nozzle cleaning is not good nozzle blocked.

Second, what type of ink do you use? Many people buy 42 PL ink cheaply. 108 National Highway Crossing Brand uses spray painting. The limit is that the difference between the 34PL sprinkler head of Seiko sprinkler head is that 42 ink or the particle size of domestic cheap ink is too big will block it.

The third is that the voltage offset is not correct if you are a new machine within a year then see if the color of your ink voltage offset is negative or not within a year to buy the new machine voltage offset is not more than - 0.5 if it is an integer, please adjust the voltage of this nozzle to negative suggestion - 0.5 if it is still broken, then continue to lower, if 2-3 years old. Please adjust the voltage to the positive number and add it to the continuous ink.