Precautions When Using The Machine

- Jun 13, 2020-

1. Be careful not to use oily ink, which is easy to corrode the ink supply system and block the ink head. Original ink is your best choice. Do not mix ink.

2. It is not allowed to plug and unplug the print line with power, otherwise the main board will be damaged.

3. Pay attention not to wipe the ink nozzle. If there is ink, it can be wiped off with a lint free cloth or a paper towel of good quality. Otherwise, the ink hole may be blocked.

4. The machine must be connected to the ground wire. When the air is dry, the problem of static electricity cannot be ignored. When using some back glue and light medium, the machine should be charged with static electricity (especially when the paper feeding speed is very fast); the static electricity can cause safety damage to the machine and ink head. The only way to release the static electricity is to use the ground wire. Because the human body itself is a huge static power supply, when operating the ink head with electricity, make sure that the hands have been discharged (contact the grounded metal body or wear a static removing bracelet), otherwise it is easy to cause damage to individual ink points of the ink head.

Grounding requirements and methods;

a. The single stranded copper wire or winding wire with strong mechanical property shall be used as the grounding wire.

b. The grounding point shall not be shared with the ground wire of the building lightning rod.

c. The two ends of the wire shall be welded on the pin, one end shall be fastened to the metal bottom of the machine control panel with bolts, and the other end shall be connected to the ground wire of the building or the water pipe actually buried underground (pay attention to whether its conductivity is good). In case of severe static electricity, multiple ground wires can be connected.

5. In the large ink supply system, the ink in the large ink cartridge should be kept about 1 / 2-3 / 4, and there should be no bubbles in the ink pipe. Before the installation of the new ink head, 20ml ink should be installed first, otherwise it may cause no ink or ink leakage.

6. When the paper is moved forward and backward, it is not allowed to press and hold one key forward or backward for too long. The key should be pressed for no more than 10 seconds, and then inherited after a pause, otherwise the stepper motor or main board will be damaged.

7. When operating the ink head halfway, be sure not to let the ink splash into the main board of the car. After the ink head is reset, observe whether the table top, optical axis and grating (especially) of the car stay position are stained with ink. If there is any ink stain, set it to clean immediately.

8. Clean and filter the residue in the big ink cylinder regularly to prevent the bottom of sedimentation from entering the pipeline to block the pipeline and ink head.

9. Operators should get into the good habit of making operation log (especially in shift), and record the best work experience of the machine in different temperature, humidity and other weather conditions, on different paper materials and in various printing modes, as well as various specific parameters according to the printing situation of various printer files.