Piezoelectric Printer Printhead Maintenance Skills

- Jan 14, 2019-

As we all know, the nozzle of piezoelectric photo machine is the core component of the whole equipment. The way to keep the nozzle in normal working condition is to do some proper and effective daily maintenance on the nozzle every day, which will greatly reduce the possibility of nozzle clogging. Therefore, please read the following contents carefully and refer to the operation.  

A. After the installation of the piezoelectric pictorial machine, and the initial maintenance of the nozzle

1. In order to make the sprinkler head into operation, please make sure to print as many pictures as possible in 1-2 days before the equipment begins to undertake the production business. The best picture is CMYK4 color, and add C, M, Y, K4 colors on both sides of the picture to ensure that the four sprinkler heads are always in the ink-jet state.  

2. When painting, it is best to remove the most right end of the cleaning station moisturizing sponge together with its bracket.  

2. How to maintain the nozzle after daily work

After all the printing work is completed every day, in order to keep the nozzle in working state and avoid blocking the nozzle due to solvent ink volatilization, please follow the following method to maintain the nozzle overnight.  

1. Turn off the power to the device.  

2. Use a special cleaning solution to clean the wet sponge, and then pour the cleaning solution onto the sponge to soak it.  

3. Move the head back to the far right of the cleaning station and combine the nozzle tightly with the moisturizing sponge.  

4. Leave the device in this state overnight.  

3. Treatment after finding a slight blockage of the nozzle

1. When the nozzle is found to be slightly blocked during the spraying process, press the PAUSE button without hesitation to suspend the printing operation, and then use a vacuum cleaner or manual air pump to spray ink from the nozzle to clean the nozzle. After cleaning, spray some cleaning liquid on the surface of the nozzle with a plastic extrusion bottle to remove the residual ink.  

Note: do not use manual air pump too hard, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged due to excessive pressure.  

2. It is important to handle the slight blockage of the nozzle in a timely, decisive and thorough manner in order to keep the nozzle in optimal working condition during the long printing process. 3. In addition, it is necessary to carefully examine the nozzle and look for the cause of nozzle blockage.  

Four. In the spray painting process frequently occurs when the nozzle plug treatment

1. Press the PAUSE button to PAUSE the painting operation and then press the PURGE button to take the phone to the left end of the PURGE table.  

2. Keep the power of the equipment on, and unplug all signal lines of liquid level sensor connecting the auxiliary ink tank to the head control panel.  

3. Unplug the ink supply pipe on the nozzle (from the auxiliary ink tank), and then use the glass syringe to extract the special cleaning liquid to clean the nozzle. Method: use 40ml of cleaning liquid every time, once every 10 minutes, a total of 3-4 times.  

4. After cleaning, replug the supply cartridge and level sensor signal line, and then continue the previously suspended printing operation.  

Five. The above treatment method has little or no effect when the treatment method

1. Remove the sprinkler head from the tray.

2. Pour proper amount of special cleaning liquid into a clean glass container (such as a beaker), and then cover the bottom of the sprinkler head with 2 ~ 3mm, and then seal the glass container with plastic wrap (anti-ash) and let it stand for more than 1 day. Note: do not touch the signal interface on the top of the nozzle, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged.  

3. After the nozzle is soaked, pour an appropriate amount of special cleaning liquid into the printer nozzle cleaner, and then put the bottom of the nozzle into the cleaning liquid to soak about 2 ~ 3mm, and then start the cleaner, select the special nozzle cleaner, if you use the general ultrasonic cleaner must be strictly controlled time, in order to pre