Photo Machine How To Run More Smoothly And Less Noise?

- May 08, 2019-

Photo machine is a large format printing printing field necessary printing equipment, in the daily printing work, how to make the photo machine more stable and less noise operation? LETOP shares the following tips to keep your photo machine running smoothly with less noise during the printing process. As a large color inkjet printer, the pictorial printer adopts the main body printing platform and frame support design scheme in the model design. The printing and printing of the pictorial machine is powered by the relevant driving servo motor, which drives the sprinkler trolley to run left and right on the printing platform, and the stepping motor controls the relevant printing and paper feeding system. In the printing process of the photo machine, the running of the motor provides the driving power for the photo machine, which is also easy to cause the noise produced by the photo machine in operation.    

Piezoelectric photo machine in the operation of the case of a lot of noise, usually can be checked and solved through the following aspects.    

1: the photo machine frame installation and connection structure whether to use screws to fix, so, in the photo machine new machine frame installation process, we must pay attention to the installation of the frame of each connection point is installed, screws to be fixed, fixed;    

2: check whether the operation of the related motor of the photo machine is normal?    

3: whether the screws of the motor and the main body are loose and not fixed properly;    

4: whether the tightness between the motor and the pulley is too loose or too tight, moderate tightness adjustment can be made after observation;    

5: photo machine trolley frame guide rail smoothness, if the guide rail is uneven, the car running time will appear sound, there will be car shaking phenomenon. 

6: photo machine ink chain flexibility, whether there is debris, such as paper stuck, is also easy to cause the ink chain in the photo machine in the process of printing printing noise.    

Leitu series high performance photo machine, with high performance lesay motor, strong power, stable performance, long life, better for your spray printing escort; Adopts the high quality horizontal ink chain design, the ink chain has the good flexibility, the wear-resistant, the mute effect is better, at the same time the ink chain groove has the wool felt, can effectively reduce the friction, the protection ink chain, also can reduce the noise, can be more stable and less noise in the printing work.