Notice Of Huaqiao Exhibition

- Feb 25, 2019-

East China fair is di culture, integration of all resources, their efforts to build another can cover the entire digital print of the whole industry chain of specialized trading platform, to take this opportunity to introduce, I am very grand to the di culture, east China exhibition by the Chinese printing and screen printing industry equipment industry association branch of support and full participation. The association has rich background and resources in traditional screen printing, printing, digital printing packaging, graphic printing and other fields. The special pavilion of screen printing in this east China exhibition will be fully managed by the association.

The first five pavilion east China exhibition planning, digital print 2 hall, screen printing and digital printing 1 1 pavilion pavilion, advertisement and identify a pavilion, east China show the ultimate goal is to build an open platform for the industry, it will carry on the future industrial printing applications in many areas, east China fair in the future will be the traditional printing and digital printing application of new technology and communication platform.

Core advantages of the exhibition:

First, we want to create the most cost-effective exhibition experience

Second, we have targeted overseas buyers organization program

Third, the industry leader's full support

Fourth, the full support of the venues

Fifth, the strong association with the industry association

Notice of spring exhibition:

name:The second huaqiao international printing and advertising logo exhibition


Number of booth:E2007 and E1007

Place:Huaqiao international expo center

Address:No. 1588, Greenland avenue, huaqiao economic development zone, kunshan city

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