Notes On The Use Of Photo Machine In Hot Weather

- Feb 26, 2021-

At the beginning of summer, most areas in South China are in the hot and high temperature environment recently. Photo machine as a high precision digital inkjet printing equipment, generally speaking, the normal inkjet printing of the photo machine has certain requirements for the temperature and humidity of the working environment, especially in the hot weather environment, the use of the photo machine should pay more attention to maintain a good working temperature and humidity environment of the photo machine, and maintain the ventilation of the inkjet printing working environment

    First of all, in hot weather, the studio temperature of the photo machine should also be higher than the normal operating temperature of the photo machine. In addition, as a precision digital printing equipment, piezoelectric photo machine will generate heat and generate corresponding temperature in the process of inkjet printing. In the hot climate, the accumulated heat can not be recovered in time The heat dissipation of the machine will cause the machine to operate under high temperature. High temperature environment will not only affect the normal use of the photo machine, high temperature is easy to cause the photo machine control board high temperature, affect the printing performance, and even other serious chip and electronic components, circuit damage and so on.  

On the other hand, the high temperature weather also has a great impact on the ink of the photo machine. The viscosity of the ink will change with the change of the ambient temperature. The viscosity will directly affect the ink output of the photo machine. Too high temperature will affect the fluency and dryness of the photo machine ink. The stability of the ink is caused by the viscosity, surface tension, volatility and fluency of the ink If the temperature is too high or too low, the viscosity of the ink will decrease or increase a lot, thus breaking the original balance of the ink. In the process of spray painting, there are often broken lines or even spurted out of the picture, such as virtual scattered phenomenon, printing picture distortion, etc.  

When using the photo machine in high temperature and hot weather, we should pay attention to maintain the ventilation of the working environment of the photo machine. Ventilation is the best way to reduce the temperature. Whether it is the natural ventilation of the window or the installation of relevant air conditioning, fans and other ventilation equipment, maintaining the ventilation of the working environment of the photo machine can not only achieve the cooling effect, but also make the photo machine have a suitable working temperature The ventilation of the environment can greatly reduce the ink smell in the inkjet printing room.