New Skills Of Eps3200 Printhead

- Nov 11, 2020-

With the development of ink-jet printing technology of wide format photo machine, the technology is more perfect. With the multi-function and intelligent development of photo machine, there are different surprises every day. Eps3200 nozzle, as a new printing talent, is more outstanding in the application of Wuteng glory series intelligent photo machine.    

Eps3200 nozzle is a powerful nozzle, using TFP film piezoelectric technology, excellent performance, accurate control of ink, better stability, and ink compatibility is very good, so it quickly won high praise in the industry, leading the new trend of ink-jet printing industry.    

New skills of eps3200 nozzle Eps3200 nozzle, also known as 4720 nozzle, has 8 rows of nozzles and 400 holes in a single row, that is, there are 3200 spray holes in the whole nozzle, which is the same as that of Epson 5113 nozzle. It is believed that many people in the industry know about the rapid printing of Epson 5113 nozzle, especially in the application of dual nozzle photo machine, the maximum printing speed of dual nozzle can reach 80 m2 / h The effective width of the 3200 nozzle is 1.3 inches, which is at least 30% more than that of the first five generations of Epson. It is as wide as the eps3200 nozzle. The most popular one is that the eps3200 nozzle has strong corrosion resistance and is compatible with the ink on the market, such as water-based ink, oil-based ink, solvent ink, thermal sublimation ink, etc.    

Eps3200 nozzle adopts the most advanced TFP film piezoelectric technology, accurate ink control, and has the same more stable performance as Epson's fifth generation head. At the same time, eps3200 nozzle can use plug-in ink bag, which is improved than 5113 nozzle in the application of photo machine. It is convenient to use the plug-in ink bag, and it is more convenient to use and maintain. The last advantage lies in the price of the nozzle. At present, the market price of eps3200 nozzle is far lower than that of Epson 5th generation head and 5113 nozzle, which undoubtedly makes the manufacturing cost and maintenance cost of the machine move towards a new step of super value performance price ratio.