Maintenance Of Photographer Is Not Limited To Sprinkler Maintenance

- Sep 12, 2019-

In the daily maintenance work of the photogrammeter, the maintenance of the photogrammeter is not only limited to the maintenance of the spray head, but also very important for the maintenance of other related components of large and small photogrammeters, such as common, photogrammeter grating, ink supply system and related ink supply pipelines, print guides, ink stack. And so on these maintenance, can not be ignored.    

Grating strip is a transparent film strip behind the carriage on the printing platform of the photogrammeter. Its main function is to print and locate, which is like the scale of a ruler. Its maintenance is mainly to keep the surface of the grating strip clean, avoid dust, residual ink droplets, etc., so that it is easy for the printer to print positioning errors, printing drawings appear duplication, dislocation and other faults. In daily maintenance operation, regular cleaning of grating can be arranged, and the surface of grating bar can be cleaned by wiping with soft cloth.    

The ink supply system and the related ink supply pipeline of the photogrammeter should keep the ink supply smooth, the sealing of the ink pipe, and avoid the phenomenon of ink supply breakage caused by the leakage of ink pipe. The daily maintenance is to check the ink supply pipeline regularly. If there are failures caused by folding or other ink pipe breaking and sealing, the ink pipe should be solved or replaced in time. 。    

Ink stack is an important part of the temporary information and maintenance of the photo machine. For example, after a period of time, the ink stack will be reset to the ink stack. The scraper and ink pad in the ink stack will scrape and wash the ink with the spray head, which plays a better role in maintaining the spray head.