Know The Common Accessories Of Photo Machine

- Feb 01, 2021-

With the rapid development of the advertising industry, the photo machine is an indispensable printing equipment in the advertising industry.

1: Nozzle: the nozzle is the core component of the photo machine. The ink is printed on the medium through the nozzle to form a pattern. The nozzle determines the printing speed and accuracy of the photo machine.  

2: Trolley: what is a trolley? The trolley frame usually carries the spray head together, and the spray head is installed on the trolley frame. When the photo machine is working, it makes periodic movement on the track (walking back and forth on both sides). Its function is to carry the spray head and protect the spray head.  

3: Ink stack: it is usually located on the far right side of the photo machine. When the nozzle is not working, it stays on the ink stack. Its function is also to protect the nozzle. If it is not working for a long time, it can prevent the ink on the nozzle from solidifying and blocking the nozzle due to the dry surface of the nozzle. For example, the ink stack used in Shenzhen Wuteng system photo machine automatically draws ink and cleans when the nozzle is idle, which provides sufficient protection, Let the nozzle life longer!  

4: Scraping blade: it is located under the nozzle and on the left side of the ink pad. Its function is to clean the surface of the nozzle. If the scraping blade is not good, the surface of the nozzle is dirty and easy to break the line.  

5: Ink bag: it is located on the top of the nozzle, with a small square and a transparent sheet on the surface. It connects the nozzle and the ink pipe to filter the ink. The ink bag filter screen filters the ink deposit. The most common problem is that the ink deposit is blocked, resulting in poor ink supply and nozzle disconnection.  

6: Motor: generally, there are transverse motor and longitudinal motor to control the paper feeding part of the photo machine.