Ink Tube Protection Design For Ink Supply System

- Jul 17, 2020-

The use of stable photo machine is the pursuit of every inkjet user. How to use stable and practical inkjet printing equipment better is the goal and direction of every ink-jet printing R & D personnel and production enterprises.  

The development and progress of inkjet printing technology is not only reflected in the printing equipment has more application functions, more automation and intelligence, but also more in line with the user's quality experience. In the development of domestic camera, the summary of technology and experience, the improvement of technology and design are all to ensure the high quality and stability of the camera.

In the daily use of the camera, many users will only be used to pay attention to the maintenance of the camera, but ignore many internal parts of the camera. For example, the application and design of the ink supply system, especially the protection design of the ink supply system, if this aspect is not done well, it is easy to cause the related faults of the ink supply system of the camera. For example, the common faults of the camera, such as broken ink in printing, insufficient ink supply, air leakage, small holes, rupture and blockage in the ink pipe, will directly affect the normal operation of the camera Printing work can even cause other parts of the camera to malfunction.  

The ink pipe protection design of the ink supply system of the photo machine, for example, the ink pipe should have high-quality corrosion resistance, so the material selected for producing the ink supply pipe must have strong corrosion resistance and toughness; the ink supply pipe of the photo machine needs toughness, which is beyond doubt. If there is no toughness, it can not bear such a range when it needs to move back and forth, such as the ink pipe connecting the nozzle Some parts need to move back and forth with unlimited high speed, which will cause ink tube rupture, ink ejection, air leakage and other photo machine failures; at the same time, in order to better protect the toughness of the ink pipe during the layout process of the ink pipe, tank chain type drag chain is installed on the outer layer of the ink pipe, which can effectively protect the ink tube from frequent movement during the printing process of the camera, resulting in ink tube damage.  

Therefore, in order to make the camera have better use stability, in addition to daily maintenance and maintenance work, it is also very important for product design and R & D application requirements. For every detail of the stable operation of the camera, we are required to achieve better protection design.