Ink Cartridge Alarm Device Makes Printing Better

- Oct 24, 2019-

The ink shortage alarm device is a kind of intelligent warning system. When the ink is about to run out, it will send out an alarm sound to remind the operator to add ink, and the indicator light will flash to remind the operator of the color of the ink shortage, which greatly saves the time for the operator to check repeatedly, and can change the ink to print at the same time without interruption.

The ink shortage alarm device adopts two-stage ink cartridge, which is composed of one stage large ink cartridge and one stage small ink cartridge. A sensor with higher sensitivity level is installed in the small ink cartridge. When the ink level in the small ink cartridge is low, it will automatically detect and send out a warning signal. The ink shortage alarm device greatly reduces the requirements for large ink cartridges. The operator can add ink more easily and freely without paying special attention to the ink amount of ink cartridges.