How To Use Ink Absorber

- Jul 27, 2020-

In the process of using the photo machine, the use of ink absorber is inevitable. If the small manual ink suction device is used properly, it can avoid some unnecessary troubles in the work, improve the work efficiency, and make the camera achieve the best working state.

Method of ink absorber:

1、 Do not let go of the ink when using the ink suction device. This will cause backpumping. Instead, the ink in the suction device will be transferred to the nozzle. If the syringe is used properly, the ink in the syringe is the same as that of the aspirated nozzle. Sometimes we use one ink absorber on several nozzles, which will cause ink backpumping and color mixing.  

2、 Do not pull off the ink absorber immediately after the suction force is not available. This will cause the pressure imbalance of the pipeline and cause the nozzle to cut off the ink. When the ink is cut off, there is no ink when the paper is dipped into the nozzle. When there is no pumping force, be sure to remove the syringe after placing it for more than 10 seconds. In this way, the pressure of the nozzle pipeline is balanced, and the ink is rarely broken.

3、 After each use of the ink absorber, please clean it in time to avoid the residual ink from contacting with the air, causing the ink to solidify and block. Convenient for next use