How To Solve About Piezoelectric Photo Machine On-line Failure

- Oct 31, 2018-

Piezoelectric photo machine on-line failure how to solve

Recently, many piezoelectric photo machine users will ask the video machine on-line failure, said that do not know how to set up processing. Let me share with you the following processing methods:

1. Software error handling method: reinstall the driver software.

2. The printer driver is not recognized to the processing method: open the device manager and check whether the USB is recognized as normal.

3. Damage treatment method of origin switch: push the trolley to the middle of the printing panel and turn it on. If the trolley moves to the left, the origin sensor may be broken; If the car moves to the right and keeps hitting the right baffle, check whether the car's TAB position can be inserted into the origin sensor or the origin sensor is broken.

4. Motor and motor drive plate damage treatment method: push the car to the middle of the printing panel to start up. If the car does not move, use the card to block the origin sensor. 5. Computer system fault processing method: replace or reinstall the computer system.

6. Main board fault processing method: replace the main board.