How To Keep The Inkjet Photo Machine‘s Color For A Long Time?

- Apr 03, 2020-

We all know that after the image has been placed for a long time, the color will gradually fade. How can we keep the color from fading or changing? What skills and methods should we have to solve this problem?  

First of all, we first analyze the reasons for the color of the image, the clarity and reducibility of the image are good. In addition to the quality of the machine and the body of the nozzle, the use of ink is also a very important reason. We know that the color of the picture printed by the photo machine comes from the dye in the ink. The ink with good quality has good fluency, strong adsorption, excellent reducibility, strong adhesion, water-proof, UV proof and scratch resistance. All these are the reasons why the color of the picture printed by the photo machine is rich and lasting.  

On the other hand, especially for outdoor advertisements, because of natural factors, such as long-term setting of advertising pictures outdoors, exposure to ultraviolet rays, on the other hand, dye or other chemicals in ink encounter some substances containing redox, which makes the chemical structure of dye change, resulting in fading phenomenon, and it is also noteworthy that the reason for water conversion is caused by Before the ink of the photo machine on the screen is completely dry, it passes through the film, especially in the wet season, such as autumn and winter, which needs special attention.

The other reason for fading is that the dye encounters some redox substances. When the ink is hit on the coated medium, it is covered with a film with gum. If the coating or film contains oxidizing substances, fading will occur. For example, when our hands are accidentally stained with ink, it is very difficult to wash it off. If we wash it with detergent, it will be washed off immediately, That's why.

In addition, this kind of fading phenomenon generally has the following characteristics:

1. Light or neutral images feel very fast and sometimes take only a few hours.

2. This kind of picture will fade quickly even if it is placed in the dark place without light.

3. The color of the picture will not fade to a certain extent, and the specific situation will be slightly different. At present, the general material coating in the domestic market is basically passed, and the lampshade is poor. The discoloration caused by the film also happens from time to time, which we can understand through some specific practical tests.

Therefore, through the understanding of the above characteristics, we pay attention to the image printing with the photo machine at ordinary times, so that we can effectively protect the screen color printed out by the advertisement.