How To Identify Weak Solvent Ink Quality Of Weak Solvent

- Aug 31, 2018-

1. From the purity of ink, PH value, moisture content, impurities, etc. can be judged whether the loss of the nozzle is large enough to distinguish whether it is high-quality ink?

2. Use high-quality ink at the same time, do not frequently wipe the nozzle, this is a waste of ink, but also easy to produce color difference, which will affect your ink resolution.

3. High quality ink is not inflammable and explosive. It has low damage to human body, such as environment-friendly weak solvent ink.

4. High-quality ink with sun and weather resistance, outdoor painting can withstand long-term exposure, seasonal changes will not have color difference.

5, stability requirements are good, dye particles are small, with the change of time, the production of sludge is not much.

6, the color gamut performs well, which can maximize the color of life.