How To Buy A Good Photo Machine?

- Dec 28, 2020-

When you buy a home-made photo machine, you have a lot of questions: what's a good model to buy? What should we pay attention to? What do you think of the nozzle? Want to print the renderings! With what? Are those photo machines better? Those photo machines are more stable and cost-effective.   

Advantages of domestic LETOP

1. Low investment and fast return. Stable performance and good cost performance.

2. The main parts are imported from the United States, so the maintenance rate is relatively low.

3. Realize the indoor and outdoor dual pipeline switching to improve the work efficiency.

4. It's relatively easy to buy accessories and the price is low, and the maintenance cost is low after the warranty period.

5. The color is saturated and bright, especially the lamp effect is very good.

6. The machine is equipped with suction platform to prevent paper scraping. Equipped with automatic paper feeding, automatic paper receiving, thermal constant temperature drying system.