How To Avoid Paper Rubbing Fault About Inkjet Printer

- Jul 23, 2020-

If we don't pay attention to the thickness of the paper medium, the smoothness of the paper feeding and the adjustment of the height of the nozzle during the printing process of the photo printer, the paper rubbing fault will easily occur. How to avoid the paper rubbing fault of the photo machine more easily?  

1: Correct adjustment of nozzle spacing is too small

As a large width inkjet printing equipment for coil media, photo printer supports different roll media, such as back glue, photo paper, ink-jet cloth, oil cloth, leather, single permeable film, etc.; different ink-jet media have different thickness, softness, and concave convex surface of consumables.

Therefore, in inkjet printing, it is necessary to reasonably and correctly adjust the nozzle spacing is too small; if the nozzle nozzle spacing is too small, it is easy to scratch the nozzle and paper when the paper feeding is not smooth; if the nozzle spacing is too large, it is easy to cause ink flying problems in the photo machine inkjet printing. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly adjust the nozzle spacing, and the car height adjustment is the best guarantee The thickness spacing of coin with one yuan is the best, and Wuteng photo machine also provides users with adjustable nozzle setting range of 3mm.  

2: Proper loading and placing of inkjet paper media

The high-speed and high-precision inkjet printing of the photo machine requires high requirements for the paper storage and playback system and printing platform. Smooth delivery of paper, flat paper platform, etc. can make the photo printer printing more easily, avoid rubbing paper fault. Therefore, the correct paper loading is very important for the photo printer to avoid the paper rubbing fault. For example: take in and put paper system of photo machine should keep smooth operation and power, keep synchronous speed of paper feeding and receiving, and stable tension between paper receiving system and paper placing system, so as to make paper conveying more smooth and not easy to wrinkle. At the same time, when loading paper, press the paper on both sides of the printing platform, turn on the suction system on the platform, and keep the paper fed straight and smooth, close to the platform without arching.  

In addition, we should pay attention to the problem of long paper output by the photo printer. If the length of the printed paper is too long, the paper pattern is not rolled up in time when printing. The paper is continuously put down when printing, and it will stack up on the ground. If the paper is not rolled up in time, it will block the downward delivery of the paper, resulting in the paper arching on the platform and easy to hit It is suggested that the user should equip the camera with a paper winding system and turn on the winding system when printing, or arrange the long paper in time when printing long paper.    

The paper rubbing problem of photo machine is a common small fault in daily inkjet printing. However, the small fault can not be ignored, because it is easy to cause damage to the machine and bring unnecessary losses.