How Can Inkjet Printer Save Ink?

- Aug 31, 2018-

Whether using compatible ink or substitution, there are several suggestions to keep in mind:

1. ensure that the filled cartridges are intact.

2. we should try our best to fill the original ink with high quality.

3. Before re-filling the ink, the original cartridge should be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise there will be two different inks mixed and produced chemical reactions, resulting in plugging and other failures. Do not use the printer's own cartridge cleaning program to clean, this operation is not only time-consuming, but also not clean enough. The correct operation method is: before adding ink, inject pure water into the cartridge with a syringe, try not to let the water overflow, and then grasp the whole cartridge by hand, and make the hole up, gently shake a few times, so that the residual ink fully dissolved in the added water.

If you shake too hard may cause the liquid inside to overflow, then timely wipe with paper towels or cloth, so as not to diffuse into the circuit board caused by hardware failure, then use a syringe to remove the ink cartridge in the mixture of liquid clean, so repeated operation several times, until you see the liquid extracted is very light color before using The printer's own cleaning cartridge program to clean.

4. when filling ink cartridges, they must be appropriate.

5. try to choose ink and ink to fill.

6. After filling the cartridge with ink, it is best to let the cartridge stand still for a few minutes so that the ink can slowly penetrate into the corners of the sponge pad, thus ensuring the final printing quality.

7. Avoid drying and clogging the cartridge when it is exposed to the air for a long time. Although there is a way to clean it, it should be filled immediately after the cartridge is about to be finished and printed on the computer immediately after the filling. If the printer is not used for the time being, you can also put the nozzle in a special nozzle storage box, where the special rubber pad can block the air and keep the nozzle wet for a long time.

8. If the cartridge and the print nozzle are integrated, then when adding ink to the cartridge, must pay attention to protecting the nozzle on the cartridge from damage, otherwise, once the nozzle is blocked or damaged, the cartridge can not be reused. In addition, due to the frequent use of cartridges, the nozzle may be blocked by splashed paper fiber, resulting in poor output effect of the nozzle, so regular cleaning of the nozzle is also very necessary. When cleaning the nozzle, try to use wet paper towel and non-woven paper towel to gently clean the edge of the nozzle without touching the nozzle. Then, use the cleaning key on the control panel of the printing printer to clean the nozzle until the printing output effect is clear.